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BBC Cellpack Products

Highest functional guarantee, safety and reliability of cable connections in electrical installations

  • Low Voltage

    BBC Cellpack Electrical products offers a wide range of different technologies, products,…

  • Medium voltage

    We at BBC Cellpack produce innovative, high-performance cable accessories for medium…

  • Solutions

    BBC Cellpack offers a wide range of solutions for the High Voltage Electrical Insulation…

  • Insulating tapes

    Isolier- und Montagebänder  von Cellpack Electrical Products

    Electrical insulation and mounting tapes from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products can be used…

  • Accessories

    Werkzeuge und Zubehör von Cellpack Electrical Products

    BBC Cellpack Electrical Products offers a wide range of practical aids, tools, sprays and…

  • Online catalogue

    BBC Cellpack product portfolio, summary of goods and all technical information available…