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[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Connecting technology from pack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Connecting Technology

BBC Cellpack deploys Shear Bolt, Insulation piercing, Crimping & Bimetallic Connection  technologies based on connector physics for variety of power applications

Connecting Technology for Aluminum & Copper

BBC Cellpack innovative shear bolt connectors and cable lugs are engineered for

  • All cable cross-sections
  • Reliable termination and joints of both, copper and aluminum cables.
  • Skill free installation
  • Low & medium voltage applications

Insulation Piercing ring connectors have been designed  for  variety of LV branch Joint applications 

[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Connecteurs, cosses et bornes de dérivation dans une grande variété de modèles et de variantes

A safe, electrical connection begins with the right choice of connector. BBC Cellpack Electrical Products’ portfolio includes many variants that are all produced to the same quality and precision standards as the joints, plugs and cable terminations. Compression connectors, compression cable lugs, branch connectors as well as wire connectors in different variants complete the cable set portfolio from BBC Cellpack. This connecting technology ensures the safe and durable contact of copper- and aluminum cables.

Design Variations and Properties of Connecting Technology

Compression- and screw connectors

  • CU, AI  or Al-CU
  • With or without separator
  • Longitudinally-sealed variants with shear-off head bolts
  • According to DIN 46267, 48085 or 40500
  • Heat shrink crimp connector

Compression –and screw cable lugs

  • CU, AI or Al-CU
  • Longitudinally sealed variants
  • According to DIN 46235, 46329 or 40500

Branch-off clamps

  • For low- and medium voltage
  • Branch-off clamps for low voltage and for house connections
  • Split bolt clamp for cast resin joints
  • Earth connectors for low voltage 

Adapters and Earthing Material

  • Armour transition
  • Earthing sets
  • Wire connectors
  • Reduction sleeves
  • Cable inlet
  • Copper mesh tape
  • Pressure spring
  • Shield continuity wire 

Further information and technical details about connecting technology from BBC Cellpack can be found here in our online product catalogue