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[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Power under Control” – Cable connecting systems from Cellpack Electrical Products can be used everywhere!

We connect your energy

Committed to this quality standard, BBC Cellpack stands for the highest material- and product quality worldwide because energy supply does not forgive weakness.

Cable Connecting Systems for Reliable, Electrical Connections in Low and Medium Voltage Networks.

The cable connecting systems from BBC Cellpack for low and medium voltages provide safe electrical connections worldwide, that our customers have relied upon over decades, irrespective of their business sector.

It is not only the energy suppliers who can rely upon the functionality guarantee, reliability and durability of our products , industry also benefits, especially from reduced operational and replacement costs due to the decrease in risk of network failure outages.

As a leading system manufacturer for cable connecting systems and accessories, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products offers not only a comprehensive product range at competitive prices but also specific services such as consultancy, training ,audits,failure and data anlysis, customized solutions and installation services.

Electricians and technicians are convinced by our excellent product quality, which is combined with user-friendly and practical installation. They are happy to use the tried and tested, functionally safe cable connecting systems and products from BBC Cellpack.

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