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[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Highly weight-bearing and time-tested cables sets, for the industrial sector

System Solutions for Use in Industry

Customers from the field of industry, that trust in the quality products of BBC Cellpack, can be found in various sectors including mine construction, ship construction, car, petrochemical or oil companies.

Reliable Cable Connecting Systems and Solutions for Industry

BBC Cellpack based out of India brings out wide range of customized solutions to attend to your needs. Jointing kits adapting to your switchgear requirements while meeting all relevant standards. The need to perform in harshest environment is the core to our material developments. We ensure that our latest material based technologies in heat shrink, hybrid, EPDM and silicon perform in difficult conditions and are adaptable to your design requirements.

Our wide range of solutions cover applications in :

  • Infrastructure segment
  • Oil and Gas
  • OEM
  • Railway
  • Metro rail
  • Industries
  • Renewables
[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Cellpack Electrical Products offers specific solutions for industrial customers

Reduced Risk of Outage for Industry

Digitalisation and automation increasingly control and connect material flows within a business, and the technologies of processing and production. The most critical resource here is the power supplied by the electrical network at the level required, whenever required. BBC Cellpack’s high strength and long-term tested cable accessories minimise not only the risk of the outage costs that arise when the network fails; their high functional security also reduces the medium-term and long-term operational and spares costs – a good reason for making the right investment.


Specific Solutions for Industry Customers

Cable connection systems in the industrial sector such as for example in manufacturing plants are subject to specific demands. These eminent systems are becoming increasingly important operational resources. Failsafe electricity supply cannot be guaranteed without adapted or even tailor-made solutions. To this regard, technicians in industry, petrochemicals, mine- and ship construction are faced with very unique challenges. 

BBC Cellpack has been facing these unique challenges head on for many decades now, which is why we are the renowned B2B supplier and industry partner across the globe. National and international sector leaders trust the expertise of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products.

Partnership through Industry Experience

Demands on new or adapted products are recognised early on thanks to close customer contact, focussed product management and staying on top of technical developments. This way, we can develop tailor-made, individual solutions to meet customer needs with maximum functional safety within a short space of time.

Find out more about the tried and tested, low and medium voltage technologies in our product catalogue or contact us directly.


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