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Cable Connecting Systems for Low and Medium voltages

Specialists in Cable Connecting Systems for Low and Medium Voltages

In more than 50 years of  our global presence , BBC Cellpack has gained worldwide recognition for highest material and product quality with standards being continuously controlled in our high performance laboratories and testing facilities in Germany.With our customer oriented understanding of technologies and distinctive culture of innovation,we have committed ourselves to concentrate,not only on the demands of our customers for technically innovative and thoroughly tested products,but also to ensure the safe and reliable functioning of our system solutions.

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**NOW NEW!** Cold Shrink “All-in-One” Straight Joints (CCMSV)

"All-in-one" cold shrink joint from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products: SIMPLE, FAST and EASY to...

Heat Shrink Technology

Comprehensive range of heat shrinkable joints and cable terminations, thin-, medium and thick-walled heat shrinkable  tubes, spreader caps and end caps.

Cast Resin Technology

Comprehensive, long-term protection thanks to the time-tested BBC Cellpack cast resin connection- and branch joints and our universal connection branch boxes. Our product range includes cast resins with different, tailor-made technical properties, depending on the intended field of application. Available as a two-chamber bags with separation bars or as a particularly convenient cartridge solution.

Gel Technology

Simple, fast and practical solutions for the connection and branch-off of low voltage cables with EASYCELL® Gel joints as well as flexible BBC Cellpack Power Gel ror sealing and protecting electrical elements.

Plug-in & Contrax Technologies

BBC Cellpack cable accessories for medium voltage applications include also straight-through joints and transition joints for screened-, unscreened or paper-insulated cables as well as plugs, cable terminations and heat shrink components. All in all, they guarantee the highest installation- and operational safety, which can be vouched for by comprehensive quality control and routine testing

Connecting Technology

Cross-section ranges, reliable termination and joints with BBC Cellpack screw connectors and screw cable lugs as well as compression connectors, compression cable lugs, branch clamps and wire connectors.

Electrical Insulation and Mounting Tapes and Accessories

BBC Cellpack’s range of accessories, with a wide range of practice-focussed, insulating- and mounting tapes, cleaners and useful tools for connecting and preparing cables, meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Isolier- und Montagebänder sowie Zubehör von Cellpack Electrical Products