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Module 0

Theoretical introduction and practical assembly of cable fittings

In this three-day training you will get an overview of cable accessories in low and medium voltage.
You will also acquire theoretical and practical expertise.


  • Theoretical introduction in low and medium voltage: Cable structure, stress control and products
  • Cable preparation, e.g.: NA2XS2Y, NAKBA, NYY
  • Practical assembly: Cast resin straight-through joint M, Heat shrinkable straight-through joint SMHSV, Gel straight-through joint EASYCELL©, 1-core straight-through joint CHMSV, CAMSV-C, CKM, 1-core indoor cable termination CAE, 1-core outdoor cable termination CHESK, T-shaped separable connector CTS, Transition joint CHMPRSV


Number of participants

3 - 6 persons (optimal) | variable by arrangement



The attendant must provide a paper belted cable, such as NAKBA 12 kV.*


  Benefit to you

You gain well-founded application knowledge of the basic structure of hybrid cable fittings and a connector type, the principle of the materials used and the installation steps.


* The material can be sent to BBC Cellpack GmbH in advance upon prio arrangement. We can also assist with the procurement of the cables.


3 days, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Please enquire


Please enquire.
These events can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.


  • Product documentation and material handouts
  • Training certificate
  • Lunch and drinks