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BBC Cellpack Accessories

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products offers a wide range of practical aids, tools, sprays and special products to make safe and professional cable work easier.

Accessories for Cable Sets for Low- and Medium Voltage Systems

Cable set accessories for experts: helpful tools for connecting and branching off low- and medium voltage cables, products to bundle, mark or pull cables and wires or products to insulate, seal and clean - BBC Cellpack Electrical Products offers a practice-orientated range of accessories for the varied application and deployment areas in industry and trade.

A comprehensive and professional programme of accessories for work on cables and for installing cable-connecting systems rounds off the product portfolio from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products.

An overview of our range of products:

  • Cable ties and cable markers
  • Mounting socket
  • Heat shrink burner sets
  • Installation tools
  • Cable stripping tools
  • Special products such as cleaning sprays, sprays in tins or canisters, corrosion protecting- and insulating sprays, cable lubricants, filler / putty cable centring, hand cleaning towels
  • Armoured connection cables for telecommunication lines.


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Online Product catalogue

For more information and technical details on BBC Cellpack accessories click here:

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