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Cast resin straight-through and branch joints

The new generation of straight-through and branch joints 
with WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors and 2-component PUR cast resin

Now NEW: Cast resin straight-through and branch joints

The new straight-through and branch joints with WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors can be used universally for cables and lines with insulation 
consisting of PVC, PE, VPE and EPR (e.g. N(A)YY, NYM). The straight-through joints can also be used for control and signal cables.

The joints are combined with the WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors provided by the market leader.

The complete set also includes the BBC Cellpack two-component PUR cast resin. It is available in a two-chamber bag, with resin and hardener kept apart by a separator. The cast resin component and reaction agent/hardener are always mixed directly in the bag before filling into the plastic shell. The two-component PUR cast resin is halogen-free and offers durable mechanical and reliable moisture protection. The set also includes the matching WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors. The joints are suitable for branch clamps for copper conductors.

New product advantages

  • High-quality, transparent, impact-resistant plastic shells
  • Fitted with WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors
  • Even easier and faster assembly
  • Extremely time and cost-saving installation of new systems
  • Ready for immediate operation
  • Durable protection against moisture and is waterproof
  • Branch joints: Suitable for three cables, each with up to five wires
  • Straight-through joints: Suitable for two cables, each with up to five wires


  • Outdoor applications
  • Indoor areas with high exposure to moisture
  • Buildings, soil and outdoor area


  • Voltage level: U0/U (Um) 0,6/1 (1,2) kV
  • Type-tested according to EN 50393
  • Splice area is visible before casting
  • Compact joint dimensions
  • Large filling opening for easy casting
  • Resistant to chemical influences
  • Resistant to alkaline earths
  • Stabilised against UV rays
  • Longitudinally and transversely watertight
  • High electrical insulation values
  • High mechanical strength
  • Environmentally compatible

Scope of delivery

BBC Cellpack two-component PUR cast resin containing the correct volume ready for mixing in the practical two-chamber bag, high-quality joint shell, WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors, funnel for convenient vertical casting, emery cloth, installation instructions.

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