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Further training opportunities

We will help advance your career. We will be your partner and support you if you are looking for further training opportunities.

We invest in training – we invest in your and our future.

Are you aspiring to pursue a technical or management career?  Do you want to expand your expertise or simply think outside the box?
BBC Cellpack not only strives to promote and challenge you personally, but also professionally. Lifelong learning is one of our most important goals for all employees as well as for the company. We live by this and pass it on.

Further training communication and personnel management

Julia Behringer - Head of Communications:

"I started my career at BBC Cellpack in 2005 as a trainee in industrial business management. After successfully completing my studies, I joined the Marketing & Communications department. While working, I completed a degree
in desktop publishing. After a total of 8 years, I left BBC Cellpack to further develop my personal and professional skills.

During this time, I gained some management experience with the various companies I worked for. But I never completely lost contact with BBC Cellpack, so I didn't have to think twice when I was offered the position as head of the newly created Communications department.

Since March 2019, BBC Cellpack has supported me in my endeavours to become a certified communications manager."

Inservice further Training Online Communications & Marketing Manager

Elena Jehle - Communications Officer:

"After completing my second training programme, I started my career at BBC Cellpack in the spring of 2019. For me, it was especially important to find an employer who would guide me along the way and give me the best possible support in my professional development. I also focused on quickly gaining additional valuable professional experience.

The flexible working hours provide the ideal conditions for me to combine my further training as an online communications & marketing manager with my job. The weekly online lectures allow me to stay flexible in striking a healthy work-life balance.

My employer paid for all the associated costs. All in all, I am in a very good position to continue to make a personal contribution to the ongoing development of our company."