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Gel box for easy, fast and safe moisture protection of WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing Connectors with lever series 221

EASY-PROTECT - a leakproof connection

The EASY-PROTECT IPX8 gel boxes provide the proven 221 series WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors with ideal protection against moisture and water ingress.
The EASY-PROTECT gel box, which was developed in cooperation with WAGO, is the ideal all-round system solution for protecting the splicing connector in demanding installation applications.
This combination integrates the market leader's expertise in electrical interconnections with reliable gels from BBC Cellpack to deliver a unique system.

Moisture in connection boxes is a well-known problem, especially in the transitional periods in spring and autumn, because condensation can hardly be avoided by rapid temperature changes. Under certain circumstances, this can quickly lead to a short circuit, which often only becomes noticeable when a protective device (miniature circuit breaker or RCD) is triggered. BBC Cellpack has a solution for this: the EASY-PROTECT gel box.

This gel-filled box provides the connection terminal, which is placed in the gel box, with moisture protection according to IPX8. This means that the terminal is sealed in such a way that no water can enter.

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  • Protects the splicing connector against moisture and water ingress according to IPX8
  • VDE type-tested system according to EN 60998-2 for approval in conjunction with WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing Connectors with lever Series 221
  • Rigid, silicone-free and label-free gel
  • UV-resistant housing
  • Safe conductor handling due to actuating insertion
  • Housing off ers good mechanical resistance

The rugged housing design and the insulating BBC Cellpack Gel protects the splicing connector from external infl uences. The housing's unique design securely holds the connector in position at all times. The conductor entry point also ensures that the connector cannot be pulled out of the gel box.


  • Easy application thanks to the re-accessible housing
  • Space-saving handling thanks to compact housing design
  • Housing variants also allow configuration of a gel box with several connectors

The box is easy to install without tools. It is all-time possible to open the box again to check the cable connections. The housing is the smallest available on the market and allows an easy use in all areas with limited space. Thanks to the different housing sizes it is possible to install several clamps in a box, which enables additional space in the branch box.


  • Fast application and direct commissioning
  • Ready to use and immediately operational
  • Saves time, since gel mass does not require mixing or processing
  • Gel-fi lled box can be stored indefinitely
  • Matching WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing connectors with lever Series 221
  • Easy assembly

The pre-filled gel box is ready for immediate use and can be operated right away after the easy assembly. The correct number of splicing connectors suitable for the housing size is already included in the delivery, which facilitates product assembly as well as correct and quick application.



  • Can be used in all industrial sectors due to silicone free gel
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Can be used in the extra-low-voltage range without an additional housing
  • Can be used in the low-voltage range with additional housing (double insulation / observe protection class II)

Connections with up to five conductors per phase can be implemented thanks to different housing sizes and the flexible combination with WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors and Inline Splicing Connectors with lever Series 221. EASY-PROTECT offers flexibility and can be used in a wide range of areas, e.g. in the automotive sector and outdoor applications.

NOTE: The splicing connectors are used with the gel boxes in connection boxes to ensure the double insulation of the installation, in low-voltage applications. EASY-PROTECT can also be deployed for low-voltage tasks, such as SELV  applications without an additional connection box.

EASY-PROTECT is a system solution tested according to EN 60988-2 for demanding installation applications that does not limit the function of each individual connector.

The unique ribbed design of the EASY-PROTECT housing provides rugged protection for insulated electrical connections.

The compact housing design enables reliable use in environments with limited space. BBC Cellpack is continuing its success story with its gel product portfolio and has extended it to include EASY-PROTECT, a new tye of silicone-free gel that can be deployed across all industries.

Overview of housing dimensions

A wide range of applications
and fast assembly

EASY-PROTECT provides moisture protection for splicing connectors and Inline splicing connectors with lever Series 221 and makes it possible to install electrical connections in a wide range of applications.


  • Building equipment lighting
  • Building services applications
  • Cabling systems
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Protected and unprotected outdoor areas
  • Rooms and facilities with high humidity
  • Temporary applications and retrofit installations
  • Large-scale electrical installations (branch boxes and switch cabinets, etc.)
  • Overhead and ceiling applications
  • In the low-voltage range without additional housing
  • In the low-voltage range with additional housing (double insulation / observe protection class II)

1. Strip the wires according to the specified dimension of the corresponding splicing connector and Inline Splicing connectors with lever series 221.

2. Insert each conductor to be connected into the designated connector openings and simply press the clamping lever to close it.

3. Place the connector in the box and press it together until the latches engage.

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