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BBC Cellpack Tapes

Electrical insulation and mounting tapes from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products can be used in all areas of industry and trade. 

Electrical- Insulating- and Installation tapes for Low- and Medium Voltage Systems

Insulating, bundling, labeling, protecting, affixing, mounting, padding, sealing or repairing: Electrical insulation and mounting tapes for low and medium voltage have to meet most different requirements. 

That is why the individual functional profiles of BBC Cellpack tapes have been optimally aligned to the different application areas. All tapes from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products distinguish themselves by their particularly high quality, the best mechanical properties and durability.

The high-quality Premio PVC electrical insulation tapes, available in all standard colors, are particularly flexible, stabilized against UV rays and packed separately in practical plastic boxes. Furthermore, the Premio family provides heat-resistant glas fibre cloth tapes as well as copper foil for discharge and screening. Standard PVC insulation tapes, cloth and sealing tapes, self-amalgamating tapes, as well as hot melt adhesives round up the assortment. 

Design Variants and Properties of Electrical-Insulating- and Installation Tapes:

  • insulating
  • self-amalgamating
  • inscribable
  • stabilised against UV-rays
  • conductive
  • temperature resistant
  • colour-fast

Further information and technical details about our accessories can be found here, in our online product catalogue.