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[Translate to English:] Kabelverbindungssysteme und Zubehör für die Nieder- und Mittelspannung Von Cellpack Electrical Products

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About Us - BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Being an SME company within the Behr Bircher Cellpack (BBC) Group in Villmergen/ Switzerland, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has successfully established itself in the global markets, in the fields of development, production and customer oriented sales of cable connecting systems and accessories for the low and medium voltage up to 42 kV. Find out more about our company, our history and possible careers with BBC Cellpack Electrical Products.


  • Company profile

    Information about Cellpack Electrical Products

    The manufacturer of cable fittings; supplier for energy suppliers, industry, electrical…

  • Management

    Cellpack Electrical Products -Facts & Figures

    A strong team: The managing members and directors of the global market organisations.

  • History

    The Company History of Cellpack Electrical Products

    Success for over 50 years, the history begins with the Dreifuss brothers. Now BBC Cellpack…