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Press release from BBC Cellpack Benelux | BBC Cellpack Academy

Almere, 31st October 2023

Image: Mechanic Alfen at a cable assembly training session at BBC Cellpack Benelux BV.

New training center for cable assemblers in Almere


BBC Cellpack Benelux in Almere is opening the exclusive 'Cellpack Academy' training center on November 3. The training center is aimed at today's fitters and tomorrow's mechanics who work with cable connection systems in the low-voltage and medium-voltage range. These mechanics form an important professional group. With this academy, BBC Cellpack Benelux meets the need for knowledge and experience in cable processing that is required in the energy transition.  


The demand for good mechanics in the energy transition is increasing daily. The level of awareness of the profession is relatively low. To further raise awareness of the profession of cable assembler, BBC Cellpack is working with Jinc. Jinc supports children from Almere who are socio-economically disadvantaged so that they have a chance of a place in the labor market. The opening of the academy coincides with the 40th anniversary of BBC Cellpack Benelux, 20 years of which have been spent in Almere.


Important flight hours and knowledge transfer

The combination of sufficient flight hours and knowledge retention is the golden key to safe, high-quality, functioning and sustainable energy systems. Now and in the future. Mechanics at Almeerse Alfen, a specialist in energy solutions for the future, are also trained to safely use BBC Cellpack trimmings (including photo training). These mechanics are trained in all disciplines of cable assembly to work safely. From assembling cables on switches, to finishing transformers, to working with cables in the sand. Training in the sandbox is valuable and hands-on practice so that installers can also install an outlet cleanly and efficiently in the ground. These training sessions are a godsend for fitters already working with BBC Cellpack products, but also for prospective fitters and fitters in training. 



With the Academy, BBC Cellpack combines the knowledge and experience of fitters, training centers and customers in the field of low and medium voltage. BBC Cellpack cooperates with various partners in the field of education, with youth organizations such as Jinc and with regular mechanic training centers. These collaborations aim to create positive awareness of the mechanic profession, improve the future prospects of young people and support Total Netherlands with the right training courses. 


BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

For more than 50 years and to this day, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has produced only one thing: cable connection systems and accessories for low and medium voltage networks. In the process, important know-how has been acquired. From the preparation of raw materials, the specification of casting resins and gels and the production of plastic compounds to the assembly and installation of cable assemblies. BBC Cellpack Benelux has been located in Almere for 20 years.

Note to editors

On November 3, BBC Cellpack will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the grand opening of the first BBC Cellpack Electronics Training Center in Europe in Almere. The anniversary celebrations will also see the ratification of a collaboration with Jinc for 2024 to give socio-economically disadvantaged children a chance at a place in the job market.  

For more information on this press release, please contact:

Nicolien Bröring

Marketing Manager