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[Translate to English:] Steck- und Contrax-Technologie von Cellpack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Plug- and 

The high performing, medium voltage cable sets from BBC Cellpack, Compax-, Cellplux -und Contrax- and Hybrid-Technologies set the benchmarks for installation- and operational safety. 

Cable Sets for Medium Voltage Applications

The safe, fast and straightforward medium voltage cable sets are paramount to network security. BBC Cellpack Electrical Products develops and manufactures innovative and high-performing cable sets in medium-voltage areas. The Compax joints distinguish themselves through a particularly high level of pre-fabrication, whereby many system components can be joined to create an integrated solution.

The plugs and cable terminations of Cellplux-, Contrax- and Hybrid-Technologies stand out with their innovative installation concepts.

Plug-in Technology

The compact, pluggable straight-through joint Compax with its particularly high level of pre-configuration, together with the innovative, pluggable connections Cellplux for outer-cone-systems, have been developed specifically for polymeric-insulated 1-core medium voltage cables. The integrated components system and robust construction also allow a fast and safe realization of cross-section range taking joint or connector solutions. 

Contrax Technology

The Contrax medium voltage terminations and straight-through joints provide the integration of the relevant core components within a one-piece insulator made of silicone rubber resistant to high voltage. These expand and are easily installed by means of the patented slip-on accessory with the assembly only. 

Universal Application of Compax-, Cellplux and Contrax-Products from BBC Cellpack:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Underground
  • Water
  • Installation ducts/ ductwork

Design Variations and Properties of Compax-, Cellplux and Contrax-Products from BBC Cellpack:

Compax Straight-through Joints

  • compact design
  • integrated screw connectors 
  • for all 1-core, polymeric cables 
  • resistant against earth alkalis, dampness and corrosion 
  • very good mechanical properties 

Cellplux Separable Connectors

  • Coupler plug-surge arrestor, angled plug connector, straight plug connector, T-plug connector, T-coupler plug connector
  • For 1-or 3-core, polymeric cables

Contrax Straight-through Joints and Cable 

  • Straight-through joints for 1 or 3-core cable joints and cable terminations 
  • for 1-core polymeric cable or 3-core polymeric cables
  • safe remote control via permanently elastic, silicone field control 
  • with screw cable lug
  • large conductor- and cable cross-section area

Further information and technical details on BBC Cellpack medium voltage cable sets are available here in our online product catalogue.

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