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BBC Cellpack Gel Technology

Wherever electric and electronic components need to be reliably protected from external factors, gel casting compounds, the new EASY-PROTECT gel boxes and practical EASYCELL® gel joints of BBC Cellpack take advantage.

Gel Technology for Low Voltage Application

Gel Technology for experts: BBC Cellpack gel cable sets have been always convincing by combining high quality user friendly products and practical mounting as well as reliable functional safety. In order to protect the reliability of electrical connections in low voltage BBC Cellpack offers in addition to gel joints a wide portfolio of gel casting compounds based on silicon.

Gel casting compounds

Gel casting compounds for Low Voltage Application

The wide BBC Cellpack gel portfolio offers ultramodern gel casting compounds to protect electrical and electronic components in the low voltage up to 1 kV. Right from the developing of these new products user friendly handling was clearly placed in the focus. As a consequence of numerous application tests the various gels get offered in different suitable bottles, cans, mixing bags, cartridges and plastic tins.

Gel casting compounds of BBC Cellpack in the overview:

2-component shaking gel in bottles with only 5 seconds of mixing time 

  • Fastest workable gel casting compound of all marketable gels
  • Innovative mixing system by shaking
  • Unique indication of the completed mixing reaction by color change
  • Easy removable
  • Highest electrical insulation value 


2-component gel in bottles, individually dosable all-in-one solution with mixing cup and spatula

  • Individually dosable
  • All-in-one solution including mixing cup and spatula
  • Reclosable bottles allow multiple applications and storage
  • Vibration damping and flexible
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations

2-component gel in cans for economical casting of big quantities

  • Particularly cost-effective and efficient
  • Reclosable cans allow multiple applications and storage
  • Mixable in standard bucket
  • Individually dosable
  • Vibration dampening and flexible
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations

2-component gel in mixing bags, high transparent for versatile applications

  • Permanently high transparent
  • Very simple, absolutely clean mixture of the gel components in practical and easy-to-use two-chamber bags
  • Favourable flow properties
  • Also available with small volumes (starting from 80 ml)
  • Vibration damping and flexible
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations

2-component gel, ready to use in cartridge for small housing volumes

  • For narrow work situations
  • Mixing and casting in a single step
  • Clean processing and exact dosing
  • Reclosable cartridge allows multiple applications and storage
  • Gel cartridge suitable for use with standard caulking gun
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations

1-component gel, ready to use in cartridge with special application range

  • Extremely sticky and drip-free
  • Avoids insects from intrusion of casted electrical installation/surface
  • Ideal for overhead applications due to strong adhesion
  • Re-accessible and repositionable
  • Reclosable cartridge allows multiple applications and storage
  • Gel cartridge suitable for use with standard caulking gun

1-component gel, ready to use in plastic tin with permanent flowability

  • Individually dosable
  • Dosing and processing by hand
  • Self-leveling and permanent flowable
  • Removable, re-accessible and repositionable
  • Protection against dust and moisture
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations

Additional information and technical details for gel casting compounds of BBC Cellpack you will find in our Online catalogue

The new generation of gel straight-through joints and branch joints

Red turns black

The impact-resistant polypropylene plastic shells are executed in flame-retardant material, making it possible for the EASYCELL® gel joints to also be used in demanding environments. The change in colour makes the black EASYCELL® UV-resistant and means it fits almost imperceptibly into the cable environment.

Perfection, inside and out.

The success story continues. We present an evolution of the EASYCELL® gel joint series for the easy and rapid creation of cable connections. The proven gel connection and branch-out joint concept has been optimised further, fitting out the existing design with the best possible attributes.

New Product benefits

  • Flame-retardant und UV-restistant shells enable use in demanding conditions
  • Clearly labelled flame-retardant shells
  • Optimised packaging with Originality seal with new BBC Cellpack Corporate Identity design

Application areas and characteristics

  • Impact-resistant, re-openable and pre-filled plastic shells
  • Dimensionally-stable, silicone-based gel, label-free, unlimited shelf life
  • Immediate use after installation
  • Can be fitted with standard tools
  • For low voltage U0/U (Um) 0.6/1 (1.2) kV
  • Type-tested in accordance with EN 50393 (corresponds to IP 68)
  • For indoors, open air, soil and water
  • For plastic-insulated low-voltage cables with 3-core, 4-core and 5-core aluminium or copper conductors
  • Multi-range, fully insulated, one-piece connector/branch-off block
  • Brackets integrated into the joint shells for fastening connector/branch-off block
  • Branch joints do not require the main cable to be cut through
  • Separate strain relief for use with high mechanical loads and forces
  • Installation temperature of -20 to 90 °C

Further information and technical details about gel technology from BBC Cellpack can be found here in our online product catalogue