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PUR cast resin GG

2-component PUR cast resin with ideal mechanical properties coupled with a low classification according to CLP regulation

Diisocyanates training is not required

Product range addition: new PUR cast resin GG from BBC Cellpack

Varnishes, adhesives, oven sprays and household cleaners along with many other chemical mixtures have been newly classified since 01 June 2015 according to the CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. They are also subject to standardised labelling throughout Europe. This legal regulation has raised awareness of occupational safety and environmental protection in the markets. As a responsible manufacturer with decades of expertise in developing cable accessories, BBC Cellpack recognises the demand for products with more stringent protection requirements to be met during processing and is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of sealing compounds with its new 2-component PUR cast resin GG. Due to the special chemical composition, the product is only declared with the symbol GHS 07. When it comes to hazardous substance classification, it is rated on the same low level as, for example, standard household detergents. Of course, it still offers the properties that users have come to expect and appreciate in a polyurethane cast resin, such as excellent flow behaviour or high mechanical protection. No matter whether it is pure cast resin in a practical 2-chamber mixing bag or a system-tested cable accessory, GG offers cables and wires lasting protection against foreign substances, moisture and dust, as well as reliable insulation.


Brochure PUR Gießharz GG


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PUR Gießharz GG

Fact check: GG is green cast resin - Diisocyanates training is not required

New CMR free green resin
 mechanically stable.
Rigorously tested through intensive quality tests.
 Free of halogen and SVHC
REACH and RoHS compliant resin
Reliable and user-friendly.
Low classification, similar to standard household detergent according to the CLP regulation.
 It can be placed on the market without any self-service restrictions in accordance with the German Chemical Prohibition Ordinance.

Product advantages

  • 2-Komponenten-PUR-Gießharz
  • niedrige Einstufung gemäß CLP-Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008
  • gutes Fließverhalten
  • angemessene Topfzeit bei niedrigen Temperaturen
  • ausgezeichnete Hydrolysebeständigkeit
  • beständig gegen Erdalkalien
  • stabilisiert gegen UV-Strahlen
  • halogenfrei und umweltverträglich
  • sehr gute elektrische Isolationswerte
  • hoher mechanischer Schutz
  • niedrige Aushärtetemperatur

Applications and properties

  • For low voltage U0/U (Um) 0.6/1 (1.2) kV
  • Test standard DIN VDE 0278-631-1
  • For indoor, outdoor, ground and water (according to standard) according to EN 50393
  • For plastic and paper-insulated low-voltage cables up to 1 kV with copper or aluminium conductors
  • Can be ordered separately or as a connection or branch cable kit
  • Shelf life: 24 months in aluminium bag at ambient temperatures between 15°C and 35°C




2-chamber mixing bag with cast resin GG: can be ordered separately

The new cast resin GG, with the reduced hazard-class, is a seamless addition to BBC Cellpack's internationally tried and tested, process-safe cast resin portfolio. It is also available in the well-established 2-chamber mixing bags with integrated separator. They are made of triple-laminated, gas and waterproof aluminium plastic laminate. After removing the separator, the cast resin and hardener flow together freely in the closed system. The contents are not contaminated by dirt or foreign matter during mixing. Hardened cast resin residues left in the bag can be easily disposed of in normal household waste.

System solution: Cable accessory with cast resin GG

BBC Cellpack cast resin joints with GG are distinguished by their excellent mechanical properties, high insulation protection and long-lasting functional reliability. The transparent joint shells made of highly impact-resistant plastic offer considerable advantages and make it possible to visually inspect the cable connection at any time during the casting process. The joints are longitudinally and transversely watertight and are suitable for installing in low-voltage networks. The product range includes eight straight-through joints and eleven branch joints.

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