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About BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has been developing and producing cable accessories as well as fittings for low and medium voltage systems since 1967 and is one of the leading manufacturers in this sector.

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products – Manufacturer and supplier

Our Brand Promise: We connect your energy for energy suppliers, industry, wholesalers and installers.

Electrical currents can only flow when safe and professional cable connections exist, that function reliably. This is what BBC Cellpack Electrical Products understands by „We connect your energy“, its brand promise. To this aspect it has created a name for itself across the globe, in the energy cable connection field with highly regarded products. BBC Cellpack systems are deployed everywhere where energy cables are connected, branched or terminated, in distribution networks in the ground and in buildings.

As a subsidiary of the Swiss BBC Group, the company places great value on qualitatively superior as well as operationally safe solutions. The extensive product range includes innovative products for cable- and lead connections, cable joints, medium voltage joints, low voltage joints, heat shrink joints, gel joints, cast resin joints etc.

Durability and Sustainability

The system components from BBC Cellpack are completely compatible with one another, thus guaranteeing safe results. BBC Cellpack accessories have to be durable over decades. The announced goals of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products are to attenuate, of all its activities, to the maximum the harmful effects which are produced on the environment as well as the conditions for the environmental protection in the company.

Quality Tested

International test regulations are always taken into account during the development of all cable accessories from BBC Cellpack. Part of this is ensuring operationally safe conductor joints, a sufficient level of insulation, short circuit resistance as well as resistance against thermal, mechanical and environmental influences.  

The production sites of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products are constantly adapted to the latest technologies. Complete systems are developed and tested in our own laboratories. The result of this experience flows into our products and is appreciated and deployed by electricians across five continents.  

The management system from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products is certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 9001 Revision 2018. All internal processes and the whole organisation comply with the requirements of this standard.