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[Translate to English:] Unternehmensgeschichte der Cellpack Electrical Products


Success for over 50 years – when it started out, the company manufactured straw plaits. Now the BBC Cellpack Electrical Products company represents safe and secure cable connections around the globe.

The company history of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

In the beginning, the Dreifuss brothers from Villmergen showed a true research spirit and discovered a new packaging material. Today, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products, a subsidiary of the BBC Group, employees over 250 people and is one of the most highly regarded, quality brands for cable connecting systems in the world. 

The Founding Years

Cellpack AG was founded in Switzerland in 1935 as a successor to Dreifuss Brothers AG, a straw plait manufacturing company which was beginning to be in short supply. The brothers quickly became aware of the potential of this material for use in packaging and also founded Cellpack, whose name is a shortened form of the words Cellophane Packaging.

Many high-quality industrial goods were developed over the following years. Finally, an innovative electrical products division was added in 1964, the present-day BBC Cellpack Electrical Products. This has been active in the development, manufacturing and distribution of modern cable connection systems ever since.

Swiss Quality – Made in Germany

In 1967 Cellpack GmbH was founded by the new division not far from the border in neighbouring Germany.Its purpose was to manufacture cable connection systems and fibre-reinforced plastics. The new company in Waldshut-Tiengen ensured that the aim of being able to serve the EC domestic market more competitively was fulfilled. Rapid growth meant that the buildings had to be expanded at short intervals. In 1987, a new manufacturing facility was built in Tiengener Schlüchtwiesen and the management area was expanded just four years later. Shortly after this the manufacturing workshop also had to be expanded.

The Journey to International Recognition

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products employs around 250 people worldwide and currently includes not only the headquarters in Switzerland and the production site in Waldshut-Tiengen but also a manufacturing facility in Radeberg. Further offices in Europe and Asia are responsible for distribution and customer service.

Since 2003, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has been part of the Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group. Thanks to the forward-thinking approach of the main shareholder, Prof. Dr. Giorgio Behr and the small degree of management centralisation at BBC Cellpack Electrical products can move flexibly in the market and continue to expand its position in the market.

A Special Honour - Top 100-Award for Innovation

In 2013, BBC Cellpack GmbH was awarded with the „Top 100-Award“ as one of the most innovative, German SMEs. For over 20 years now, this ‘Top 100’ seal has been awarded to those companies who have shown exceptional innovation management and who are especially successful in the market with their products and services.

An Overview of the Most Important Milestones