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Universal Box CG

Reliable protection of WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors using OBO BETTERMANN cable junction box and label free BBC Cellpack cast resin, no hazard label required

Universalbox CG - Permanently sealed and installed in just a few minutes

The Universal Box CG from BBC Cellpack allows you to easily and reliably protect your electrical connections, even in harsh ambient conditions, in just a few simple steps.

The new generation of Universal Box CG combines the advantages and wide range of applications of OBO BETTERMANN's high-quality cable junction boxes with the outstanding protective properties of the professional BBC Cellpack cast resin. The cast resin does not require any hazard labels. The various housing sizes of the junction boxes are combined with the WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors provided by the market leader. Seven membrane entries provide you with maximum flexibility when determining the direction of the cable feeds and the number of connections. The user-friendly complete set also includes the translucent, removable BBC Cellpack 2-component hydrocarbon resin CG. This cast resin does not require any hazard labels. This makes it possible to carry out a visual inspection and subsequent installations at any time. The soft-elastic character of the sealing compound provides long-lasting protection for electrical connections indoors and outdoors against water penetration and vibrations. It also prevents condensation buildup.




Product advantages

  • High-quality branch boxes from OBO BETTERMANN available in various housing sizes
  • Fitted with WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors
  • Durable protection against moisture and is waterproof
  • Universally suitable as connection and cable junction box
  • High flexibility and visual control thanks to removable translucent CG cast resin
  • Simple, vertical casting via a funnel


Einsatzbereiche und Eigenschaften

  • Voltage level 230/450 V
  • Outdoor applications
  • Indoor areas with high exposure to moisture
  • Earth
  • Protection class: IP68 with cast resin tested according to DIN EN 60529
  • Halogen-free
  • UV-resistant cable junction box
  • CMR, isocyanate and silicone-free cast resin, no hazard label required
  • Translucent, even after hardening
  • Environmentally compatible
  • Functionally reliable even when exposed to permanent moisture

The translucent and removable CG cast resin enables visual inspections at any time. After removing the sealing compound, the connection point can be accessed again and allows subsequent modifications.

The Universal Box CG is the ideal solution wherever a permanently reliable junction box is required under harsh ambient conditions, e.g. for door drives, in washing systems, gardens, cellars and spa areas, etc.

Scope of delivery

2-component hydrocarbon resin CG, measured out in a practical two-chamber mixing bag so that it is ready to mix, high-quality cable junction box from OBO BETTERMANN, WAGO COMPACT 221 series splicing connectors, funnel for convenient vertical casting, emery cloth and installation instructions.

The new generation Universal Box CG makes it easy to quickly connect cables in a user-friendly manner in only a few steps. Seven membrane entries, which are positioned on the side of the box, provide flexible cable entries. The supplied WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors make wiring in the various housing sizes extremely convenient.

WAGO is a registered trademark of WAGO Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. Origin of the drawings: WAGO and OBO BETTERMANN.

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