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BBC Cellpack as an employer

"We connect your energy" - once again proof that we can do the impossible with our employees.

BBC Cellpack as an employer

Demographic change has become a key challenge - also at BBC Cellpack. Like every company, we find ourselves competing for trained specialists. We eagerly tackle these two tasks each and every day. We can only successfully integrate both of these challenges if we address the needs of our employees.

This begs the question: Why go to BBC Cellpack? Come and see for yourself.


Together with our employees, we remain committed to meeting the high expectations associated with our ambitious goals. Our focus is on boosting motivation and accountability, on professionalising and optimising leadership in concrete terms, on strengthening basic entrepreneurial values and responsibility and on improving team-oriented cooperation over the long term.



A team is only as strong as its weakest link. We always strive to do our utmost to promote teamwork.
Only a well-functioning team can produce new ideas, creativity and innovation.


Being brave always requires overcoming obstacles. But we would rather make one decision too many than one too few. We, as a company, remain interested and willing to learn.


Diversity management is also an integral part of our corporate culture. Origin, religion, skin colour, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, education, experience and much more make people truly unique. The diversity of our employees is a fantastic example of positive and encouraging cooperation within the company. Employees from ten different nations now work under the umbrella of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products.

Benefits of BBC Cellpack

For us, performance-driven remuneration as well as comprehensive social benefits and special policies are an essential component of a corporate culture guided by values.
All our employees receive holiday and Christmas bonuses.

We also offer our colleagues free water, coffee and fruit.

We show our appreciation to our employees with our annual summer and Christmas parties.

All employees are insured worldwide for death and disability in the event of occupational and non-occupational accidents. BBC Cellpack pays the contributions to the voluntary accident insurance in full.

We also offer a company pension scheme under which each employee can convert part of their gross salary into additional retirement benefits.

The experience of the past few years shows that qualified skilled workers are increasingly opting for companies that are committed to a family-oriented HR policy. In addition, we are convinced that when career and family are in balance, the satisfaction, motivation, commitment and performance of our employees improve. Within this framework, we offer our employees the option of flexible working hours, e.g. during parental leave, whenever possible.

We are striving to bring about constant change in the corporate culture to make it even more family-friendly. We aim to further promote the work-life balance at BBC Cellpack and continuously broaden our family-oriented personnel policy in the future.

The approaches pursued by our executive management team are designed to encourage managers to rethink their own management behaviour, to focus on the new and to thus develop sustainable strategies for the future. This includes, for example, a cooperative management style as well as a focus on cooperation to achieve competitive advantages.
This focus also involves cultural aspects and what it means to put our values and beliefs into practice.

We hold regular "ABC of the BBC" workshops for our first and second level managers, so we can train, support and motivate the participants to give their best through various workshops. This commitment allows us to achieve our ambitious goals.

Our employees tailor our services to meet the needs of our customers every day. At the same time, they provide important impetus for the continuous improvement process. Retaining knowledge is of utmost importance for BBC Cellpack GmbH due to the tasks performed by our colleagues, some of whom are highly specialised. Ideas management aims to tap into and harness this potential of employees' experience, ideas and creativity.

Our company suggestion scheme (BVW) lets all employees express their "ideas". The suggestions are then passed on to the appropriate departments, where they are reviewed and rewarded where appropriate.

By setting up this company suggestion scheme, we are pursuing goals such as:


  • Process optimisation
  • Cost savings
  • Quality improvements
  • Strengthening the motivation and development of employees
  • Greater identification with the products and with the company

Occupational safety has the highest priority in our company. One of the most important aspects of occupational safety is equipping our employees with the best possible personal protective equipment.

No expense is spared in finding the best possible personal protective equipment and providing it to our employees.
Our systems and machines maintain high safety standards thanks to regular technical adjustments.

Sustainability at BBC Cellpack

We are fully committed to sustainable business practices and, hand-in-hand with this, to responsibility for our employees, for coexistence within society and the conservation of natural resources. Making a positive contribution to society is part of our philosophy as a quality provider, because we not only feel committed to our customers, but also to the world we live and work in.

We take waste reduction very seriously and try to continuously reduce our consumption of raw materials and the resulting waste through clearly defined processes.

We also strive to meet our social responsibility by promoting the voluntary commitment of our employees (e.g. service in voluntary fire brigades, the German Federal Technical Relief Agency (THW) and rescue services).

Our understanding of sustainable business practices also includes a commitment to the environment.  As a company that offers solutions at critical points in the power grid and for safe and reliable energy distribution, it goes without saying that we constantly monitor and optimise our consumption of electricity and water. We have installed electric charging stations for electric vehicles, for example, in an attempt to increasingly promote the use of alternative energy supply options in cooperation with the local energy supplier, both among our employees and our customers.

We also subsidise the participation of our employees in the JobTicket programme of the local transportation company Waldshuter Tarifverbund (WTV) as an alternative to using the car and to encourage our employees to move freely within the entire district of Waldshut-Tiengen by bus and train for both business and private travel.

The currently certified environmental and energy management system of BBC Cellpack GmbH complies with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.