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HOW TO: Diisocyanat-Training

Are you also an industrial or commercial user of casting resins containing diisocyanates? 


Then you may already know that from August 24, 2023, appropriate training must be provided before industrial or commercial use. In the video, we show you how to get your certificate. 


Why is this training mandatory? 


  1. Safety: Diisocyanates are chemical compounds that can be harmful to health if not handled properly. They can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract and cause allergic reactions. Comprehensive training on the safe handling of diisocyanates is critical to minimize the risk of injury or damage to health.
  2. Hazard awareness: Training provides users with an awareness of the potential hazards associated with handling diisocyanates. This includes information on possible exposure pathways, such as inhalation, skin contact or ingestion, as well as the signs and symptoms of exposure and necessary first aid measures.
  3. Storage and disposal: Comprehensive training also includes information on safe storage of diisocyanates to reduce the risk of accidents or contamination. In addition, guidelines for the proper disposal of diisocyanate waste are taught to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. Product quality: Proper handling of diisocyanates is critical to the quality of the end product, especially when using casting resins. Through training, users learn proper mixing ratios, curing times, and processing techniques to ensure that cast resins cure properly and show the desired properties.


When dealing with diisocyanates, it's thus especially important to take appropriate protective measures to minimize the associated risks.


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