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Your questions - Our answers

Do you have questions about the assembly or installation of one of our products or do you have general questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Are end joints and branch joints for medium voltage available from BBC Cellpack?
Can a damaged cable sheath be repaired with a SRMAHV shrinkable sleeve?
Can the CHM / CHMSV 24 kV straight-through joints also be used for 12 kV cables?
Can the contact pin be reused on BBC Cellpack connectors?
Can the screw cable lugs of the Cellplux connector product range be used on a flexible cable (e.g.: PowerAmp-AMS) with a class 5 conductor made of aluminium?
Can the SRMAHV shrinkable sleeves also be used for repairing a cable sheath on medium-voltage cables?
Is the SRAT heat shrinkable tube suitable for protecting against bus bars and shortening distances?
The surfaces of the screw and pluggable separable connectors made of EPDM rubber (Cellplux) shine, is that a problem?
What is the touch protection of the encapsulated separable cable connectors?
Which impact wrenches are suitable for shearing off shear head bolts?