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EASY-PROTECT - The new gel box from BBC Cellpack for easy, fast and safe moisture protection of WAGO COMPACT splicing connectors. Available from May 2020!

EASY-PROTECT - a leakproof connection The EASY-PROTECT IPX8 gel boxes provide the proven WAGO® 221 series splicing connectors with idealprotection against moisture and water ingress. The EASY-PROTECT gel box, which was...more


BBC Cellpack Electrical Products - Update und developments of Covid-19

We at BBC Cellpack are also following the developments of the Covid19 closely. The health of our employees, customers and their families is our top priority. We have taken and implemented all necessary safety measures to ensure...more

New assembly movie of a CAMSV-C on our Youtube Channel!

And it continues with an installation video short and concise with our 1-core straight-through joint CAMSV-C. Straight through joints consist of different components. In case of the “cold” (without external heating) applied...more

New timelapse assembly movie of a CTKSA on our Youtube Channel!

Inline with the new video of CTKS and the already installed CTS onto the new red installation plates with a bushing type C 630A was also the installation of a coupling surge arrestor as time lapse video made. Cellplux CTKSA are...more

New assembly video T-shaped separable coupling connector CTKS

The coupling connector CTKS is enabling a branch connection onto a CTS T connector installed onto a bushing type C with 630A. Of course, is the branch also with a coupling device CKS and a T connector CTS possible. But especially...more


New Assembly Video of a 3 core termination for indoor CAE 3I

Watch our new assembly video of a CAE3 in just under 12 minutes! After the first assembly video of the 3-core straight through joint CAM3 with cast resin external protection, follows a detailed assembly of a 3-core termination...more


BBC Cellpack Youtube Channel - Assembly video of a 1-core straight-through joint CKM

New Day - New timelapse movie! In our new movie you will learn everything about the correct installation of the CKM-Compax-1-core straight-through joint from one of our experts. Compax straight-through joints CKM ar suitable...more


English gel assembly video finally on our Youtube-Channel!

Following the market launch of our new gel portfolio, the corresponding application film will now follow. Our seven gel products are clearly assembled and shown using sample applications. In the film you can see: EXPRESS...more

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