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Your questions - Our answers

Do you have questions about the assembly or installation of one of our products or do you have general questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at BBC Cellpack Electrical Products


Are BBC Cellpack insulation tapes (e.g. No. 128) suitable for repairing cables and cores?
Are BBC Cellpack products (articles) containing the SVHC substance lead listed in the SCIP database?
Are end joints and branch joints for medium voltage available from BBC Cellpack?
Are the cable sets resistant to sea water?
Can BBC Cellpack DR crimped connectors be used for connecting different cable classes / core cross-sections?
Can sets be used under the influence of public swimming pool water?
Can the cable sets be used for drinking water applications?
Does BBC Cellpack have any special approvals? E.g. for shipbuilding, for specific switchgear producers?
How do I assemble a press cable lug?
How do I assemble a press connector?
How do I assemble a screw connector (CSV, CSV-T, CSV-LHS)?
Is maintenance work required for the set?
What are alkaline earth metals?
What does “resistant to chemical effects” mean?
What does FE180 and E90 stand for?
What is the CE marking for and where can I find it for BBC Cellpack?
What is the difference between low and medium voltage sets?
What is the service life of cable fittings from BBC Cellpack GmbH?
What is the transport, storage, mounting and operation conditions for BBC Cellpack MV, 1 core & 3 core products - CHE(SK)-I/O, CHM(SV), CHMPP..,CHMPR… and CHMP(3Pb)?
What should I look for when selecting BBC Cellpack cable accessories (sleeves and cable terminations, etc.)? Selecting a cable accessory
Which cleaning agents are approved for cleaning BBC Cellpack cable accessories?
Which crimping pliers can be used for AVS and AVUS core connectors?
Which joint systems are there for the low voltage range?
Which products fit onto a conductor cable?

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