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BBC Cellpack Low Voltage Products

BBC Cellpack Electrical products offers a wide range of different technologies, products, molded components, and heat shrinkable tubes in low voltage product portfolio.

Heat Shrink, Cast Resin, Gel Technologies Products For Low Voltage Polymeric Power Cables.

BBC Cellpack offers four different technolgies in low voltage like heat shrink, cast resin, gel and cold applied.  We also offer different types of insulating tubes & moulded components considering wide range of applications.

Technology Variants For Low Voltage

 Heat Shrink Technology Products

  • Straight Through joints
  • Transition Joints
  • Pot End Joints
  • Cable Terminations
  • Wall Ducts
  • Heat Shrinkable Tubes
  • Moulded Parts

Cast Resin Technology

  • Straight Through Joints
  • Branch Joints
  • Universal Connection and Branch Boxes
  • Cast Resins

Gel Technology

  • Straight Through Joints
  • Branch Joints
  • Casting Compounds

Further information and technical details on BBC Cellpack low voltage cable accessories are available here in our online product catalogue


Product Catalogue