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Gas Meter

Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC India is exclusive partner in India for Chint Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd, China.

Gas Meter

Chint is a 11 Billion USD Group with Presence in more than 20 Countries and Satisfied Customer base of 40 Million Users in International Market . The existing range of product offerings is

  • Domestic diaphragm gas meter
  • AMR Gas Meters
  • Prepaid Gas Meters

Offered meters are type tested in NMi Netherlands for EN 1359.

These high quality meters withstand the extreme condition in NMi Netherlands for it EN 1359, MID-D,MID -B , OIML-R-137 & 8000 hours of durability test and DVGW for High Temperature  Resistance .

Our meters in India are approved by Ministry of Consumer Affairs department of Weight & Measurement, Legal metrology of India with approval no. IND/13/19/298 & import license no. IND/DL/76/2019

We offer Gas integrated management software (GIMS) with our smart meters to meet the digitalization demand of the gas industry and combined with intelligent gas meters and data collection terminals as an important part of gas IoT. GIMS provide integrated solution for user management, meter management, business hall management and data analysis to gas enterprises. GIMS system provides Buyer-Seller access mode, without client installation, the system can be accessed by using a web browser. The system integrates remote meter reading system, meter detection and alarm system, gas charging, data reporting etc.

Meter Size G-1.6 G-2.5 G-4
Minimum flow rate Qmin (m3/hr) 0.016 0.016 0.0.16
Traditional flow rate Qt (m3/hr) 0.25 0.4 0.6
Maximum flow rate Qmax (m3/hr) 2.5 4 6
AMR smart meter with accessories and Software
Prepaid smart meter with accessories and software


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