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BBC Cellpack Solutions

  • Reliability Improvement of cable systems
  • Insulation enhancement
  • Loss reduction solutions

Insulation Enhancement & Protection Solutions

BBC Cellpack offers a wide range of solutions for the Electrical Insulation systems, which are used worldwide by the utilities, Industries & Original Equipment Manufacturers for the insulation of bare parts in the Electrical network.


The BBC Cellpack range of products are made up of High grade specially formulated polymers which are safe for electrical use, UV Stable & weather resistant. This comes in the form of Tapes, Sleeves, Shrouds, Sheets, Sheet Molded items & Sprays.

Distribution equipment with bare bus-bars, conductors and connections is always vulnerable to having phases or phase to ground accidentally bridged.

The Electrical networks are prone to faults & abnormalities, which could be caused by :

Faults due to in-house issues

The transient faults that occur in the system due to accidental bridging of conductors or conductors to ground during the heavy wind seasons.

Faults due to Wild life intrusion

The Electrical switchyards are prone to failures due to wildlife animal & bird intrusion on the bare network areas, which short circuits the entire network which damages the associated network.

The BBC Cellpack insulation enhancement solutions provides the complete refro-fit solutions for insulation solutions using the same crosslinking material which has given us a high performance & reliability for more than five decades.



The insulation enhancement solutions can be categorized as per area of operation given below.

Solutions for Substations

The BBC Cellpack range of tapes & sleeves

SRBB is a Heat Shrinkable Medium-wall tube for protection of bus-bar systems & reduction clearances.It is halogen-free, non tracking ,UV-resistant and non corrosive in nature. Similarly tapes are also used for  protection & clearance reduction. The material used is Cross-linked polyolefin and suitable for application upto 36 KV.

No. 60 & No.62 are Self amalgamating High Voltage Insulation Tapes which provide di-electric strength of 42kV/mm. This is EPR based material & is used for insulation of Electrical equipment & is suitable for outdoor installations as well.


Shrouds are made up of the molded parts of the insulating sheets & can be made in different shapes.These are totally customizable solution and are fitted using UV stabilized nylon based screws & nuts to make them re-usable during the maintenance. Suitable for applications upto 36kV.

Electro 2-26

Electrical protective sprays provides a di-electric strength of 150kV/mm this is used to protect an Electrical equipment against short circuit, leakage current and flying sparks.