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BBC Cellpack Cast Resin Technology

Offers new generation Cast Resin Technology products which ensures overall long-term protection in terms of insulation values, resistantance to mechanical and electrical loads, safety and reliability of cable jointing connections.

Cast Resin Technology for Low and Medium Voltage

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products offers cast resin technology  which was especially developed to seal and protect the polymeric, control, signal cables. This new generation technology comes with two component cast resin having quick setting properties in humid or cold conditions which is a faster and reliable solutions for cable connections in indoor, outdoor, underground and underwater or even in ducts installations.

[Translate to English_Dubai:] [Translate to English_IN:] Cast resin products for low- and medium voltage systems from Cellpack Electrical Products

Cast Resin Cable Accessories and 2-component PUR Cast Resins

The BBC Cellpack cast resin joints offer an overall long-term protection in terms of insulation values and resistance for power cables covering wide range of cable cross sections. This is guaranteed by having high-grade, unfilled two-component PUR cast resins which are designed for various applications. This design also comes with high-quality shockproof plastic moulds available with or without integrated strain relief which is stabilized against UV rays. After the hardening process, the cable joints are resistant to mechanical and electrical loads. 

Cast resin technology is used for multiple types of jointing like straight through joint, branch joint, T-joint, Universal connection etc…..

The cast resins are available individually in two-chamber bags with separation bars which can be used in wider range of sealing application wherever the moisture and environmental sealing is a constraint.

Application Areas of Cast Resin Products:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Underground
  • Water
  • Installation ducts

Design Variations and Suitability of Cast Resin cable accessories Products from BBC Cellpack:

  • The product range includes Straight through joints, branch joints, Universal branch-off, connection box , T-joints, Y- joints, M-joints, flexible joints, house junction joints.
  • Suitable for armoured, unarmoured polymeric cables, ducts, control cables, signal cables as well as paper-insulated cables.
  • With screw connectors, crimping connectors or integrated strain relief.
  • Universal Box CG is suitable for vertical potting.
  • Resistant to chemical agents, alkaline earth elements, stabilized against UV rays, sealed longitudinally and in cross-section
  • High electrical insulating values and mechanical strength
  • Ready for immediate operation

Variants & its application of 2-Component PUR Cast Resins

  • EG: For universal use
  • KG: Transparent and removable
  • FG: Excellent resistance to abrasion, for repairing damaged cable-sheaths and for connecting flexible cables
  • GG: With optimal mechanical features combined with a low classification by CLP-regulation
  • UG: Flame retardant, special cast resin developed for use in mining.
  • UWR: Low reactivity to water, specially developed for filling the cable joints exposed to high levels of humidity
  • WG: Low viscosity and removable at any time

Particular technical properties of Cast resin Products from BBC Cellpack:

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • Halogen-free
  • Good flow properties
  • Low hardening temperature
  • Excellent adhesive on all cable materials

Further information and technical details on cast resin technology from BBC Cellpack can be found here in our online product catalogue


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Online Product Catalogue

Further information and technical details on BBC Cellpack cast resins can be found online.

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