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[Translate to English:] Kabelgarnituren für Nieder- und Mittelspannung von Cellpack Electrical Products

Cable Connecting Systems
of the Highest Quality

For over 50 years now, millions of BBC Cellpack solutions have been deployed in low and medium voltage systems up to 42kV.

Cable Accessories for Low and Medium Voltage Systems

Tradition and the Power of Innovation – this defines the high-quality product portfolio from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products. Ensuring the supply performance in the distribution network takes priority in all our developments. The special system solutions and products that have been developed by BBC Cellpack for this complex and demanding application contribute significantly to ensuring its performance.

The comprehensive portfolio includes a finely tuned product range of cable connecting systems in heat shrink-, cast resin- and gel variants as well as cable accessories, plugs and pot-end joints from Compax-, Cellplux-, Contrax- and Hybrid technologies for screened or unscreened polymeric cables as well as paper-insulated cables.

Electrical-, insulating- and mounting tapes as well as accessory products such as cleaning- and protective sprays, useful tools for connecting and branching of low and medium voltage cables round off the portfolio.

  • Heat shrink Technology

    Heat shrink products for low- and medium voltages from Cellpack Electrical Products

    We are your reliable partner for heat-shrink technology for low and medium voltage. Click…

  • Cold shrink technolgy

    NEW from BBC Cellpack | Reliable Partner for cold shrink technology in medium voltage |…

  • Cast resin Technology

    Cast resin technology from Cellpack Electrical Products

    We guarantee the highest functionality, safety and reliability of cable connection systems…

  • Gel Technology

    Gel technology from Cellpack Electrical Products

    Wherever electrical and electronic components need to be protected, gel sealing compounds…

  • Plug-in & Contrax Technology

    Plug- an Contrax technology from Cellpack Electrical Products

    The high-performance medium-voltage accessories Compax, Cellplux, Contrax and Hybrid set…

  • Connecting Technology

    Connecting technology from pack Electrical Products

    An extensive range of connectors, cable lugs andbranch clamps characterise BBC Cellpacks…

  • Insulating tape

    Tapes from BBC Cellpack Electrical Products for low and medium voltage cover all common…

  • Accessories

    Tools and accessories from Cellpack Electrical Products

    A variety of practical helpers, tools, sprays and special products facilitate the safe,…

  • Online catalogue

    BBC Cellpack product portfolio, summary of goods and all technical information available…