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Solutions for Installers

Whether individual components or system solutions, installers and technicians can always rely on the highest product quality with straightforward installation.

Our Aspiration: Long-lasting Customer Satisfaction for Installers

“In wind and weather” – this saying contains much truth about working conditions out there on the building site. We have this saying always in mind in our product development, to ensure that the packaging, design and features of BBC Cellpack cable accessories function well at all times under practical conditions. This also applies to the unambiguous identification and easy handling of our products; for the easier and more logical it is to install a product, even in adverse weather and in tight places, the lower is the risk of network faults or outages.

System Solutions for Installers and Technicians

Cable accessories and connecting systems are one of the most crucial components in ensuring a long-lasting, functioning electricity transfer. Installers and technicians have to be able to wholly rely upon continual high product quality from their favoured manufacturer.  

That is why joints, cast resins and gels, connectors as well as all other products from BBC Cellpack are consistently and rigorously optimised, allowing them to be simply, quickly and safely worked with by electricians.

That is why installers across the globe trust in our expertise!

Know-how directly from the Provider

Installers and technicians should not just know BBC Cellpack products but also know how to use them safely and correctly in every aspect. That is what is close to our heart. Part of our trademark is to pass on product information, demonstrate product features and installation information in our technical training sessions. Details of our seminars can be found in our training brochures.

The extensive product range from BBC Cellpack is listed with many renowned electrical wholesalers across the globe.

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