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Product Training at Stelco - Maldives

Maldives has witnessed a surge in technological advancements and infrastructure development, making it imperative for companies like Cellpack to stay abreast in the market.


We at BBC Cellpack always emphasize on the importance of training the installers and when the customer understands its relevance, it signifies a more informed and engaged approach to utilizing our products and services. Recently our team of trainers (Daniel Strittmatter and Radhakrishnan Nandhakumar) visited Maldives to train 20 Stelco Installers at their training facility in Male. The event was well organized by their HR representative Mr. Mohamed Yoon. The training was for four consecutive days.


Every day started with a theory session, where the installers were informed on all the basic things like unpacking the component packet, understanding the packing list, how to effectively use the work instruction, how to focus on cable preparation, dos and don'ts while preparing the cable and the precautions that must be taken before and after performing the job. The theory classes were followed by practical sessions, the installers were divided into groups of five and were trained on BS (British Standard) single core indoor and outdoor end terminations and BS (British Standard) 3 core joints.


The interactive Q and A session after the practical sessions were the best part of the training, the involvement and enthusiasm the installers exhibited were excellent. Like the old saying goes “all that starts well, ends well”, the training ended with a beautiful certification event organized by Stelco. The certification event was attended by team heads of several departments and the managing directors of Stelco.